Wednesday, July 18, 2012

impromptu creativity

everything hit me tonight as i was sitting in my car, watching the heat lightening brighten the dark orange night sky. yes. it was orange, i swear. i chugged down a medium caramel iced coffee with cream AND sugar from dunkin' donuts within 10 minutes. needless to say, there will be no sleeping in hillary's room tonight. i was sad and here are my sad thoughts in a crappy & short creative writing piece.

like a shooting star that lit up my world briefly, in the blink of an eye it disappeared. the image in my mind still reamins and i think of that glimmer often. something. i don't know what, but i think it was something. shooting stars are a sign, right? i struggle to find meaning behind a lot of things and i give up after awhile. but i'm still trying to find meaning for that flickering flame. it cast shadows in my room, giving me future reflections and hopeful memories. how can time stand still yet go so fast at the same time? i guess that's one mystery in life that won't be solved, along with your lingering presence. the timing in my life is always off, but i know there's a meaning behind everything that seems wrong. i wanna dive in. float for awhile, sink for awhile, drown out the fear for awhile. i wanna stay for awhile. i'm not ready to go, but i know it's time that i leave for awhile. as much as i want to wait for something to happen here, i need to make something else happen there, first. but maybe like a shooting star i'll linger, too. and maybe i have a shimmering presence that will remain, if only for a little. but maybe i'll be a permanent star that stays forever. just maybe.

sweet dreams,

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