Wednesday, July 18, 2012


today our toaster oven almost bit the dust. it is 27 years old. a wedding present for my parents. 
but it worked so i toasted pretzel breadsticks. 

my cousins came to visit and send me off and talked only in brittish accents. 

i read a packed about re-entry culture shock for when i get back to the usa. it frightened me and the moral of the packet is that i will hate everything and everyone so in turn, everyone and probably everyone will hate me. 

i will stop kayaking for a phone call ONLY if it is my spanish professor calling. he is the only one worthy. 

finishing the last hunger games book left me really wanting cheesy bread. also i started hearing helicopters in my back yard. but then there actually was a helicopter in my yard so there... 

rather than packing i just looked up acoustic covers to rage against the machine songs... 

life is weird. 

enjoy your song of the day (night)

well done world, 

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