Tuesday, July 31, 2012

fringo: (n) gringo friends

if you study abroad you should realize that you will only have other gringo friends. i mean, i have only been here for a week, so it makes sense. so when i say in this post i am going to show you pictures of my friends, dont expect to see Chileans. expect to see one girl with dark curly hair and, well, that´s me.

pictured here is my friend Brandon (they spelled his last name wrong) on our metro or tren passes. the reason we took our picture together was that we looked like giraffes with the light cutting off half of our face. bonding on public transportation. and for the reccord, i might just be a pro at the colectivos (lack luster taxi) but i will never like the micro (bus) drag racing masters drive those things.

banano, the fanny pack or the banana shapped purse. wearing them proudly because in the states, this is a screaming tourist item, but here, bananos are quite popular. Pictured, Meghan, Me and Kait.

the roomies from Santiago.  sounds like a band. minus the photographer Mary. she took this with one of her really cool camera that printed out the pictures. Kami is the one in the middle on the left. the first one was a double exposure but i happen to find it wicked cool.


sometimes studying abroad is strenuous. and by sometimes, i do mean all the time. all of your thinking in a different language comes from your back muscles. oh yea. so this train is more than necessary. poor Pablo walked in on this, he didn´t know what to do so he just gave us our visa papers.

the wino ladies. wine tour was wonderful, vino tinto y blanca. our tour guide was really nice and explained everything very well and the vinyard was just beautiful. something to mention with the alcohol consumption in Chile, being drunk is 100% not acceptable, the only people you see abusing alcohol and being visabally tanked... the gringos. people need to learn the ways of Chile.

enjoy the time,

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