Wednesday, April 25, 2012

apathy giving way to change.

Today is a day for change. Everyday should be a day for change. And you know what...? The following blog post is NOT written by one of the indieatticgirls. Friends, Readers, Enemies, fellow indiefriend, Tyler C. has contributed to the blog. I hope you enjoy his post, I sure know I did (seeing as if I didn't it wouldn't be here).

make friends,

        Apathy and numbness in and of themselves do not cause a person to lose the game of life: for even the most successful of humans has at least one thing towards which they are apathetic. No, it is the moment when one stops fighting against this apathy, this numbness, whether due to a loss of strength or because it is simply too painful to not embrace them, that one begins to lose the game.
You see, Apathy is not always negative. When confined to a set area, it is harmless. People are naturally apathetic to certain things. For instance, a successful CEO may be apathetic towards art. He/she does not have to be, but it is a distinct possibility. However, so often apathy is indeed a terrible thing. When one applies apathy to an area of their life in which it does not belong, they are playing a dangerous game. It is in this situation that they begin to fight against the apathy, the numbness. To get personal, I’ve been struggling with this recently. There’s this girl, and she is… well, she’s amazing. We’ve been talking for months, and I let myself fall too far and too fast. We’re best friends, and we’ll be best friends for a long time, but we almost stopped being anything, and it was because I played the apathy game.
When I finally let the lack of mutual feelings set in, I tried to numb the pain, to be apathetic towards her. I thought that I could control it, let it set in for a little, get over her, and move on. Instead, I stopped caring about anything. Apathy, when applied to the wrong area, and used for the wrong reasons, is a cancer. It spreads indiscriminately, and it is unstoppable. For me, it took a massive swallowing of my own pride, and a decision to just take the pain, to kill it. Believe it or not, it is so much better to just face the pain than to try to numb it. Sure, it may suck for a little while, but the fallout of trying to numb it, trying to be apathetic towards it takes so much longer to recover from. Don’t try to force apathy simply because something sucks to think about.
Apathy is normal. It’s a part of everyday life. But we can’t let it control us. We can’t use it as a way out of something. Don’t use it as a crutch, for it will cripple you worse than you can imagine. Do a favor to yourself: let the things that you’re normally apathetic about remain that way, and don’t try to become apathetic towards other things. When you try to become apathetic, you’ll wear yourself out quickly, and then you’ll start to lose the game or life.


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