Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tye dye lovin'

there's nothing quite like taking the rubberbands off a recently tye-dyed t-shirt, rinsing out the excess dye, and discovering the unique pattern created on an originally bland white t-shirt. 

but today's post is about a different kind of tye dye. the kind of tye dye that is edible. but it's not tye dye cake, cookies, or jello.  it's tye dye cheesecake. that's right. it's heaven sent from the tye dye gods.  while on pinterest (probs one of the best sites ever), i ran across this little recipe and kelc, rach and i are gonna attempt this before the end of the semester, and it will definitely be documented. the hippie in all of us fell in love at first site with this recipe...and surprisingly, it seems like a piece of cake (pun intended).  

here's the blog with the recipe/pictures. 

and hopefully ours will end up looking like this:

happy tuesday!

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