Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the buried mirror

the bell of freedom rings from the national palace as cries for freedom echo through the city. this is the birth of the Spanish American nations. 

restrictions from the Spanish made the natives crave their independence. the weapon of choice intellect. it is said that every man is born free yet lives in chains. Simon Bolivar, black eyes burning, he was a self made man and decided to use his power for a common good. 
Napoleon then invaded Spain and has his brother take the throne. according to Senora Lopez, " he liked to hit ze bottle." was Napoleon a contender to Bolivar, the Romantic visionary?
this complex, melancholy man gained the independence of Spanish America, neither European or Indian, but a part of both. he was looked at by the natives as a saint but Bolivar is quoted to say, "after Jesus Christ and Don Quixote, I am the world's third greatest fool." 

it is common for a stalemate to occur at the of a mountain and i may just be a R/romantic but the idea of this Godly mass, obstructing two fighting sides seems quite perfect. fighting should not be, and even the mountains agree. Bolivar, however, would not take the mountains as a barrier for freedom. 
the mighty Aconcagua was conquered, at such great heights and with such great morals and in 1817, the freedom riders made it into the territory of the Spanish Forces. 
this was the end of the Spanish rule. 

however, how does one rule themselves after independence? Argentina's San Martin liberated his people with liberty and equality and managed to not stain his sword in war or peace. rather than rule the land with a military lead, Martin chose to leave the country and seek refuge with his peaceful friends. 

but what would have happened if Martin realized that a peaceful country needs a moral and peaceful man? after leaving his peaceful leading, Argentina fell to a long history of violent war oppression. need I say Jorge Rafael Videla or neighbor Augusto Pinochet?

what are we willing to sacrifice for peace? and how does one define peace? is it always a comparison between what is the opposite of war-like? 

peace- the normal freedom from civil commotion and violence of a community; public order or security. 

we are never far from the violence of life. we must now ask ourselves our leaders, are they going to be lenient on their moralistic ideals and give way to a little bit of violence to create a majority life of peace? 

find your silence and your voice, 

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