Thursday, April 19, 2012

Give me some 'tude.

i now understand why a picture is worth a thousand words. pictures capture facial features and often they are more telling and honest than the words that may be coming out of your mouth. 

also, a phrase my mother used to say to me ad nauseum, "it's not what you said, but how you said it," have been gaining a lot more relativity to my life. take the phrase, whatareyoutalkingabout and place it into two different situations. 
a playful one with your friend who just said something crazy and your loving response, is "what you talkin' about girl" or something to that effect. 
contrast that to telling your friend a thought you had, have them half listen and then bite back, dripped in disgust, "what are you talking about." feel it? so different. 

words have also their poignancy with casual and incorrect uses being accepted by the masses. three phrases come to mind immediately: "iloveyou," "that'sgay," and "that'ssoretarded." 
the last two are socially inconsiderate, rude and unacceptable. mental retardation effects 1/35 children in the unitedstates. last time i checked, that kind of pain and sadness should not be used to describe an assignment a college professor assigned. 
along with those lines, the word gay at one time meant happy; glad to see that the unitedstates has just negatively connotated one more word. 
observe the two phrases, "i love tacos" and "i love my mom." don't get me wrong, i love tacos, but don't even try to tell me i love tacos as much as i love my ma. this word has lost it's depth and when we look into the eyes of our loved ones and say the over used phrase, "iloveyou," is there any way for them to know which 'love' you are talking about? 

there is an awfully large amount of pessimistic and cynical attitudes being spit through the teeth of many of the students at westminster. where is the sincerity in our voices? how can we show love and kindness to each other when we are stuck in our own selfish nightmares that people so often mistake as daydreams?

willa cather once said that "a child's attitude toward everything is an artists attitude." children understand true uncorrupted emotions and don't feel hatred or cynicism. unfortunately, we cannot be children again, so we must turn to being artists; let us construct the world around us with kindness and add color and live positively. 

be mindful of
what you say
how you say it
and what you mean by it

go spread the love, 

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