Friday, April 6, 2012


Happy Good Friday!

Today I'm gonna teach you how to glitter-fy your life. Gliterally, and figuratively. 

Step one: buy a big bottle of crafting glitter paint...preferably in gold, silver, or multi-color.

Step two: grab everything in your room that would look remotely better if there was glitter somewhere on it.  

Step three: use a foam brush and glitter-fy the crap out of your crap. it will make your beatles poster that much cooler. i promise.

step four: try not to regret the fact that you just glitter-fyed your beatles poster. that one might have been a mistake.

step five: put the bottle away. i know it's hard, but if you continue, the next thing you know you'll be drinking glitter out of you ikea cups.

Now, 10 easy ways to glitter-fy your life everyday (figuratively).

1. write letters to people. who doesn't love receiving something in the mail? (DOUBLE POINTS: glitter-fy the stationary)

2. wake up early because you WANT to, not because you need to. waking up with this mindframe is SO much easier/better.

3. wear bright colored tights to class. you'll feel like you stand out because, well, you do.

4. put on some "pump it up" music before taking a big exam. you're more likely to stay awake if you have a skrillex song stuck in your head.

5.  if it's above 55 degrees, sit outside and eat your lunch.  uv rays+vitamin d+chirping birds=happiness.

6.  drink a smoothie and take a walk with your best friend. great combo.

7.  speak up in class. even if you don't think what you have to say is "good," the professor appreciates words coming out of your mouth...cause let's be honest, how many people in your biology class actually speak? do you even know if they have voices?

8.  lay incense around your dorm room. if you can't burn it, at least put some in a vase by your desk. instant potpourri.

9.  if you find yourself bored at a party, grab a friend and start playing games such as the classic "how many fraternity brothers can i get a picture with?" or "how many people can i get to give me a hug?" or "extreme beer pong" or how about "make up a dance to a song and pretend it's the actual dance to the song and see how many people actually try to learn the dance"

10. dress up when you feel crappy. works every time. (DOUBLE POINTS: you can wear GLITTER!)

get your glitter on,

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