Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'll Fly Away

This an ode. An ode to my favorite bag. I purchased this bad boy at a vintage consignment shop. I dished out a whole $2.  It is my favorite color.  It used to be a flight attendant's bag. It has a lock zipper contraption and sadly, I do not have the key for it. I find this bag is a hit among the ladies, and by that I mean old people. But that's okay, the bag is glorious and serves its purpose well. Enjoy some documentation of the bag in action. 

if the color isn't it's best feature, what else could it possibly be?

today, it is full to capacity including(but not limited to): laptop, charger, Spanish text book, notebook, Kashi granola bar, can of oranges and some V8 fruit and veggie juice. 

full effect with the outfit and all of it's glory. 

gotta love the cross body straps. 

don't forget to love the little things, 

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