Wednesday, April 11, 2012

There are 20 candles in the cake... WHAT ELSE COULD THAT POSSIBLY MEAN??

I don't like cake. Sorry, wait no! I will not apologize. It is too sweet. No Gracias. Rather than cake, it has and better always be a tradition in the Wetzel family to have birthday pancakes and your "cake" of choice. I will now list the "cake" that we have for each respective family member's birthday-

Madre Bonita- Pumpkin Pie
Daddy-O- Cheesecake
Justine (the sister)- Cream Puffs
Me- Apple Pie

These desserts are not only delicious, they are more individualized that lame old cake. But back to the pancakes... Ever since I was one year old, we have pancakes on our birthday but not just any pancake... they are always shaped in the number you are turning!! So, needless to say, I was happy to get a nice, thick, sweet, fluffy 2 and 0 on Easter morning. There was also coffee and bacon. best. birthday. breakfast. EVER.

And then of course, my ma and sis made me my b-day apple pie. It was so delicious and made from the apples from the trees in our back yard. it cannot get better than that. but seriously, it cannot, so don't even try to top it.
just look at it. begin to drool, it's okay.

I like to dunk the crust into a glass of milk.

Ma's Betty Crocker Cookbook has seen better days, the cover is torn off and the pages are all sticky and splattered, exactly how a cookbook should be. 
So after enjoying a slice of this delicious pie, my mom and I decided to give another snack a try. Birthday cake popcorn. Let me tell you, we did not have high hopes for this sickly sweet treat, but it just sounded so fun and festive. So we made it anyway.

First of all, the ingredients are very simple, they consist of, 6 cups of popcorn, a bag of white chocolate chips, vegetable shortening or crisco, boxed cake mix and of course... SPRINKLES. sprinkles are the best thing ever. It is basically the equivalent of glitter in the cooking world.
Simple enough. 
The batter gets a little sticky when you try to coat the popcorn. You may want to put in in a ziplock bag and just shake it until your arms fall off. Then you just add sprinkles, a lot of them. And then you just let it dry or set on a cookie sheet. Then you eat it. or look at it. The usual ratio is eating 2 pieces every 4 hours. It is too sweet to eat anymore.
look at how beautiful and festive it is!!

I would certainly make this for a gift. Mainly because it looks to cute and also because I don't personally want to eat it. 

gotta love the yellow bowl. it makes the popcorn taste better. fact. 
So there ya have it. Birthday are all about food.
Everything should be about food.

eat up,

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