Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Write or Wrong?

New fangled electronic devices are all the rage right now ie. iPad, Nook, Kindle. Also it is becoming trendy to uses these devices for reading, whether it be your text book, classics (usually free of charge) such as Pride and Prejudice or The Jungle Book, or the latest installment of The Hunger Games.

Now I blame (or thank) my Ma for these next thoughts... I like books. I like them a lot. They make the best gifts, I like to (Ma cover your eyes) paint in books, highlight them, dog-ear my favorite page, spill coffee on them, spray them with perfume, crack the spine, give them away, keep them forever, lend them, look at them, read them... basically love the book whatever way I feel necessary.

So now we jump to a Kindle. I cannot do any of those things. Call me old fashioned, but I love the feeling of a novel in my hands rather than have my eyes glaze over a computer screen (more than I already do!) I feel the same way about magazines and newspapers. They are just not as good. Online, you cannot feel the glossy pages of Rolling Stone or hold a Readymade magazine open with your knee as your hands are busy building the latest project; your fingers do not get stained with ink, nor do you get the satisfaction of creasing the paper correctly when searching for the Editorial section of the paper.

There are certainly upsides to these new pieces of technology, such as traveling, not paying as much for textbooks, and of course the ever popular fad of "going green" and saving on print materials. (Don't get me wrong, I care about the environment more than most people do, I will just choose to save our Mother Nature in every other way) So this is in no way an article to bash those who use electronic reading devices, actually, I applaud you for your movement toward simplicity, sustainability and saving space. I for one just cannot shake the memories of every summer since I was a child, sitting on my porch swing, with my old cat Katie drooling on my shorts, reading mountains of books for hours on end.

In honor of my love of all things literary, I have decided to give a new DIY project I stumbled upon a try. No time to read the New York Times in the morning? No fear! Make that coffee to go and make a statement with your nails.
its as simple as a white base coat, soak your nails in rubbing alcohol for 5 seconds, then press newspaper onto the wet nail and there you have it folks. 
cut out specific words to pass on a specific message; I found my words in an article about Bonnie Raitt and her folk influence and appreciation for all things music. 

and yes, my middle finger does say Bob Dylan. thank you for asking. 
go read something,

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