Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dave of the Day

Dave-of-the-days were started with a few of my guys at Westminster who are loyal dmb fans (Dylan and Devon.  Seeing as I will be at one of his concerts soon, I feel it is appropriate to do a dotd in preparation for d-day (this is dave day, concert in Hershey Park, June 29th).

Most of Dave's killer songs are his jamband style songs with out radio play or official music videos, but with that being said, I chose to easy you lovely listeners into the Dave scene with an official music video to a song with some radio play.

Funny the Way It Is from Big Whiskey and the Groo Grux King (2009) pulls in some big band mumbo jumbo with a powerful lyrical message. And of course, natural Dave craziness.

Points to pay attention:

  1. The bridge about a bridge
  2. The progression of a celebrity's life in the video
  3. "Somebody's broken heart becomes your favorite song" (so often true)
  4. How plaid flannel shirts mean peace and intelligence
  5. Dave has a dog named Goda (a dog spelled backwards) 

heaven or hell, im going down with the Groo Grux King, 

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