Saturday, June 9, 2012

if it's love...

everything in this world revolves around love. whether it is being caught up in the throws of young love or searching for it or missing it or talking about how much you don't need love. regardless, love is in the air, sometimes stagnant or refreshing like a breeze. every song on the radio is either a love song or a break up anti-love song. love is just all around, and i've been thinking about it (love that is) a lot lately.

I soon will be far, far, far away from the people I love and that makes me feel a lot of emotions. to quote the best movie ever created (The Animated Robin Hood, in case you were confused) "absence makes the heart grow fonder." so before I go to Chile, I must say, "iloveyou" to all the people I care for in my life. and what better way to do that, then show it in every way possible.

so go tell someone that you love them. tell at least 5 people. write a letter, make a phone call, send a text message. people enter our lives at crazy times, inopportune times or the perfect time. just go with it. love them for it.

it's not valentines day. ignore that.

go love, 

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