Tuesday, June 5, 2012

tv junkie

anyone who knows me, should know that i'm a complete TV junkie. i don't have a working TV in my room at school, nor do I watch the TVs that are in my house. my dad doesn't have cable, and i don't even know what channels my mom has. therefore, you could say i'm an internet TV junkie. i'm addicted to netflix and hulu. i love TV shows, there's just something about them. maybe that you can watch one short episode and have more to look forward to. i dunno. but since i never watch any type of TV at school, whether it's internet TV or cable TV, over breaks, and especially summer, i spend the majority of my free time catching up on said TV. this is because i have no friends in the summer. true story. here's my list of T V to complete this summer:

1. Breaking Bad seas. 4 (DONE)
2. Sherlock seas. 2 (DONE)
3. Fringe seas. 4
4. Dawson's Creek seas. 1-6
5. Madmen seas. 1-4
6. Misfits seas. 3 ep. 4-seas. 4
7. Skins seas. 3-6
8. Downton Abbey
9. Weeds seas. 7
10. White Collar seas. 1-4
11. Pretty Little Liars seas. 2 eps 18-25
12. Walking Dead seas. 1-2
13. Vampire Diaries
14. Gossip Girl seas. 5
15. Dexter seas. 6 eps 9-?
16. The New Girl seas. 1
17. Scrubs seas. 1-8
18. Grey's Anatomy
19. Twin Peaks seas. 2
20. Six Feet Under
21. Doctor Who
22. Awake seas. 1
23. The X-Files
24. Once Upon A Time seas. 1

So obviously this list is pretty unrealistic. That is like....400 hours of TV. insane. But it's my hopeful list, considering I will be in Scotland without access to American hulu or netflix (which will be GREAT for me). This list also doesn't include the "random i don't really care what order i watch it in" TV shows like Mythbusters, CSI, Law & Order, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Friends, Modern Family, Colbert, The Soup and Boy Meets World.

i'm a loser,

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