Saturday, January 7, 2012

artist of the day

today's artist: ben harper

 Ben Harper.  Beautiful, soulful, eclectic, talented, makes-me-wanna-swoon Ben Harper is today's artist. Inspiration by Rachael Wetzel, who would love a Ben Harper all to herself-and who can blame her? We may or may not decided that we would "burn one down" with him if he ever graced our presence. Jack Johnson and Ben Harper singing a lovely song with great lyrics.  Love it.

you could have spared me
so much misery
and told me you just wanted
a friend

believe me there is a difference
when you mean it
and when you pretend

or was I just your habit
cause I know a habit
is a hard thing to break

but won't you spare me
a little mercy
there's only so much
so much that I can take

so won't you
please please me like you want to
not like you have to
or won't you just go on and leave me
leaving me is the least that you could do

chill out,

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