Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Desk Diaries... #3

First off... Hillary, are you drinking wine?
Anyway, here is the desk of our very own Hill. Upon first examination, this registers very Hilly and I will tell you why...

  1. Agatha Christy. One of, if not her favorite author. I have yet to read on of her stories, I am waiting for Hillary to diagnose one for me.  I really do feel like books are prescriptions prescribed for our current life situation by our friends. 
  2. The computer. Not because I know this is hers, but I could have guessed. Quotes. There is never a situation that couldn't benefit from a good quote. 
  3. Lava lamp and candles. Hillary and Hippie both start with H. So does hippo, hypothermia and hossenfeffer but that is besides the point. Labels are usually negatively connotated however, I call her a hippie with the most love. Chill yet passionate, go with the flow but knows her own mind. And of course the sent of her favorite candle, patchouli. 
  4. Evidence of crafting. Newly mod podged composition book, paint trays and colors abound. We don't live in the indie attic for nuttin' folks. 
  5. Everything has its place. I see this in Miss Hillary with her possessions and also her friendships. Each person or object has value and should be given the attention it deserves. 

Over all Hillary rating... 8/10
Things that I feel were missing: nail polish, some season of a tv episode, a burnt cd and more of the color purple (and no, I do not mean that Oprah lifetime movie)

Oh, and is that a Tim Burton cookie jar?
Tim Burton Cookie Cake. He looks too happy. 

And that's the way the cookie crumbles, 

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  1. looks can be deceiving, but it's actually sparkling apple cider! i keep it classy in a christmas wine glass. and that is actually a nightmare before xmas lamp!! (just can't find the light for it...) :D