Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lovin' is what i've got

I thought I would share some things that I have been loving lately.  Recent little healthy obsessions, well maybe except number 6.. Regardless, I hope you enjoy all the things that make me smile.

 1. God's Eye.  This is a Mexican traditional ornament that is similar to the Native American dream catcher.  They are beautiful and can be quite intricate and pass on the message that God watches over us. 

2. The Shawn and Gus/JD and Turk Parallel- Miss. Hillary introduced me to Psych, a TV show I had heard funny things about but had yet to witness myself.  I found myself watching a Psych marathon and as an avid, lifelong Scrubs fan, I could not get over the voices, the mannerisms, everything. Adorable. It's guy love.

3. Industrial Chic Jewelry- Everything I wish I could collect in every vintage thrift store ever. These trinkets are found objects, with some added artistic flair. You can't tell me you ever want buy premade jewelry again. Get some charms, make your own, find inspiration.  

4. Janis Joplin- well, to be honest, it is just mainly her song Me and Bobby McGee. I just learned the harmonica part and have been attempting to hold the harmonica with my knee and strum my guitar at the same time. I just hope to meet a Bobby someday so I can sing to him. And this picture is MONEY. Ahh, dialing for dollars is trying to find me. 

5. Lace- in all forms and most colors (ixnay on the inkpay) and I am working on some lace projects that will probably make an appearance on this blog in the future

6. Monkey- I grew from monkey into (wo)man. Shake me like a monkey baby. I am the proudest monkey.  (Let us thank Dave Matthews for sharing my love for monkeys) 

7. Vintage bottles- this just reminds me of the old school yard that used to be in my back yard woods.  My sister Justine and I would search the old foundation for bottles.  I just can't get over how beautiful they can be and oh so unique!

8. Socks- Smartwool socks in general. I don't really have to write anything because everyone knows the function of socks... 

9. Ella Fitzgerald- Sultry Jazz. I like to clean to her greatest hits album. Oh a tisket a tasket. 

10. Pangaea- If I was not a Spanish major, I would certainly pursue World Cultures.  I remember in 6th grade we learned about Pangaea and cut out a map and our homework was to attempt to fit all the continents together, like a puzzle.  I love the message it sends too, how all cultures and races are connected and are all at home in the world. 

Go out and love the world, 

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