Sunday, January 1, 2012

I don't ask if the cup is half empty or half full... I just ask, "Are you gonna drink that?"

Pour over coffee.  I was introduced to this style of brewing coffee over the holiday break.  And no, I am not being PC by saying holiday, I am just using the term to imply both Christmas and New Years.  May it be an elementary concept, something about pour over coffee just tastes good, really good.  Think of how you would make coffee if your coffee pot suddenly broke (RIP Trey Anastasio, Clyde, The Big Lebowski).  You would take the basic components, coffee, filter and water and try your best to emulate the coffee maker. The base we used was handmade and the coffee, freshly ground Indonesian sumatra.

yes, if you were wondering, that pear in the fruit basket is sadly rotten and I didn't realize it until two days after this photo was taken.  d'anjou pears happen to be my favorite kind of pear. 

mmmm. drink up me hearties,

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