Sunday, January 22, 2012

Artist of the Day

I am always taken aback by those moments when music brings two seemingly polar opposite people together in ways neither expected.  I'd heard this song by Trampled by Turtles before, but it's not a habit of mine to watch the all the music videos of my favorite songs. Don't know why. Maybe I should start.  This morning, I was chilling with a good friend of mine - this polar opposite I mentioned before...He pulled up the video for "Wait So Long" and I immediately recognized it.  I was so shocked that he and I would share any music interests - he plays a lot of country, and I play a lot of anything but country.  But still, for some reason, the fact that we both loved this bluegrassy tune took me by surprise.  It was unexpected, but at the same time made so much sense.  This is not only a post for the song of the day, but this doubles as a small tribute to the moments in life when music brings us closer together in ways we should've seen coming, but somehow never expected. 

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