Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"You actually feel like you enjoy life in South America"

Don't you ever feel like you are just stuck in these severe routines and you just forget to feel something? Any emotion at all. Americas has cultivated this numbness into the minds of it's inhabitants. 

People in South America arrive late to meetings, spend hours eating dinner and will stay late into the early talking to a new acquaintance because these people value relationships. Why is this a foreign concept to Americans? 

Senora was telling her students in her Spanish II class today about the major differences in cultural behavior. After discussing what I summarized in the paragraph above, a student said, "Oh, this is why Mexicans are lazy." 

Truly, only slight blame can be placed on this student because the majority of Americans actually think that statement is true. (Majority may seem an extreme word to use, but unfortunately, I feel comfortable using it). I am not speaking poorly of this student, I am just feeling sorry for her for listening to incorrect and exposed stereotypes. 

Why is it so ingrained in our minds that we must have a daily routine telling us when we should eat, how many calories we can consume, when and how often we should exercise, when we have time to call our parents? How can we continue living this stuffy boxed in lifestyle. What does our heart say? 
We need to start to live. 

Now, I am not saying throw away all plans, never call home, or gorge on junk food. Certainly not. Instead, we can focus on a lifestyle change; do what is good or healthy or spontaneous, not because we are supposed to, but because we want to. 

Central and South Americans live this lifestyle change because they want to show to their surroundings that everything is important. Priorities are very different in America and I think we could benefit by re-assessing what is important to us. Letting go of routines can declutter our life and may allow time for us to actually live. 

Remember, being different is not the same as being wrong. 

Que Sera, Sera, 

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