Friday, January 27, 2012

What a Good Day Looks Like

To be quite frank with you, today did not start off with a bang.  Even a bump.  It was one of those mornings when you don't know what to wear, you're too lazy to put your contacts in, and the walk to your not-so-favorite morning class in the freezing rain with insufficient protection against the elements simply rubs you the wrong way.  Woof.
This is not a rant to tell you how  bad my day was, but in fact how good it turned out to be....the quality of a day should never be dependent upon what the morning brings.  And I'll tell you why. Sitting here 8 hours later, i can say that my day was filled with jugglers, civil rights (yes, constitutional law class is my favorite), hot chocolate, and letters in the mail.  There was rain, there was laughter, and there was community.  These things seem commonplace in what one might consider a good day, right? Sure.  But today, there was something on top of all of the oranges juggled and marshmallows consumed.  There was life in today.  The people and the moments took priority over being on time for class or reading a couple more paragraphs of the articles you were supposed to have had read by your 12:50.  They took priority over tidy rooms and negativity.  The priority was to live in each moment, period.  And yes this might sound cliche. But honestly, to living in the moment doesn't happen when you're TRYING to do it.  It happens naturally, on a whim, subconsciously.  So really, the days when the time you have is truly cherished and enjoyed, and optimism reigns can sometimes be quite rare. so live it up.

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